Vote Coop!

Cooper Overstreet is the progressive choice for Douglas County District Attorney.

Cooper believes that Douglas County, Kansas needs comprehensive criminal justice reform. Such reform must start in the District Attorney’s office. As Douglas County DA, he would emphasize mental health treatment and restorative justice, rather than vindictive modes of punishment which have been shown to be both cruel and ineffective. He would work to reduce the county’s jail population and end the failed war on drugs. Finally, he would acknowledge the strong role race plays in our criminal justice system. Systemic racism has led to repeated trauma being inflicted on people of color, not only nationally, but in our local community. Until we have leaders willing to acknowledge this, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.

Cooper Solutions:

  • Oppose the misguided expansion of the Douglas County Jail. Douglas County doesn’t need a bigger jail, it needs bigger ideas.
  • Eliminate all forms of cash bail for those accused of a crime in Douglas County. People shouldn’t be in jail because they are too poor to buy their way out.
  • Bring the promise of restorative justice to the court system and to the community.
  • End the failed war on drugs in Douglas County and treat drug addiction like a public health crisis, not a crime.
  • Treat crime survivors with dignity and respect. Institute a comprehensive program of mental health treatment for those entangled in the criminal justice system.
  • Bring truth, accountability, and transparency to the District Attorney’s Office.